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MU Strategic Plan

Welcome to the website for the University of Missouri’s strategic plan. As the flagship university of the state of Missouri and its only public member of the Association of American Universities, MU bears a special responsibility to map out a clear path to the future. Our mission is to prepare our students for the global society, conduct research and creative activities that improve and enrich lives, extend our resources to the people, and drive economic development in the state, nation, and world.

Our plan to create this future is provided here in two complementary documents. The first, “One Mizzou: 2020 Vision for Excellence,” was published in 2011, after more than three years of discussion and collaboration among faculty, staff, students, administrators, and alumni. This comprehensive strategic plan identifies three primary goals for our University:

The second document, known as MU’s Strategic Operating Plan (MUSOP), builds on the more comprehensive plan by identifying our top priorities for the next five years, those on which our success most depends.  Created in response to a system-wide strategic planning process that University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe launched in 2012, MUSOP targets specific investments necessary to operationalize “One Mizzou: 2020 Vision for Excellence.” Like “One Mizzou,” MUSOP was created collaboratively after campus-wide discussion. Throughout the 2012-2013 academic year, faculty, staff, students, Faculty Council, deans, the Strategic Planning and Resource Advisory Council (SPRAC), Provost’s Staff, Chancellor’s Staff, the UM System, and the Board of Curators all provided feedback on initial drafts of MUSOP. Both “One Mizzou” and MUSOP are best understood as living documents that will undergo regular review, and when necessary, revision.

Follow the link to “One Mizzou: 2020 Vision for Excellence,” to see a comprehensive outline of initiatives in all of our mission areas as well as an annual update of the progress we have made towards achieving individual goals.  The MU’s Strategic Operating Plan (MUSOP) link will show our highest strategic priorities for new funding and reallocation of existing resources and the metrics we are using to quantify our progress. As these two documents make clear, we are committed to shaping our own destiny, even as we respond to the rapidly changing world in which we live.