University of Missouri

Engagement & Outreach

As a respected leader in higher education and as Missouri’s leading land-grant university, the University of Missouri demonstrates excellence in engagement and outreach through activities and initiatives conducted by colleges, schools, units and as part of the University of Missouri System.

Through discovery and the translation of research into technologies, information, programs and services that contribute to problem-solving and societal enrichment, MU improves lives, communities and economies.

On campus and throughout the state’s 114 counties and metro areas, Missouri’s prosperity, competitive position, and social and cultural richness are enhanced by Mizzou’s ongoing commitment to:

  • Educate and Engage Citizens
  • Strengthen Democratic Values and Responsibility
  • Address Crucial Societal Issues
  • Contribute to the Public Good

At MU, excellence in engagement and outreach is characterized by:

A Climate That Values Each Individual Involved in The Process
This is true for off-campus and on-campus efforts that, through engagement, seek active participation from or touch faculty, students, staff, alumni, donors, athletics supporters, stakeholders, public and private entities and communities.
Effective Outreach Programs Based on Meaningful Impact
Such programs are visible through campus-based initiatives, MU Extension and its county-based network, MU Health Care, MU Athletics and collaboratively through System-wide initiatives.
Innovative Partnerships for Economic and Workforce Development
This activity draws from the breadth of MU and the UM System, and collaborates with a wide range of public and private entities.

To successfully achieve excellence in engagement and outreach, Mizzou will adopt or continue to deliver on the following objectives:

Goals and Strategies

Deliver Effective Extension, Engagement and Outreach Programs That Have Meaningful Impact
  • Increase the university’s efforts to improve the health of Missouri communities in a partnership with MU Health Care, the schools of Medicine, Nursing and Health Professions, MU Extension and other colleges and schools.
  • Increase engagement with pre-K through 12 students by providing exciting educational opportunities while also introducing them to the university and the value of higher education.
  • Develop innovative partnerships for economic and workforce development that will grow opportunities for Missourians and expand the university’s $3.9 billion economic impact.
  • Implement a restructured staffing model for MU Extension beginning fall 2018 based on the priority needs of the state.
Fulfill MU’s Commitment Outlined in Each of the Other Compacts Within This Strategic Plan Through Engagement and Outreach
  • Support Excellence in Student Success by increasing the involvement of undergraduate students in engagement activities.
  • Support faculty members in weaving engagement into their scholarly efforts so that they can effectively address and positively affect Missouri’s grand economic, education and health challenges.
  • Foster a welcoming climate in which differences are valued and individuals are respected.
  • Support Excellence in Planning, Operations, and Stewardship (see full Strategic Plan PDF for details).
Increase Stakeholders’ Awareness and Support of Extension, Engagement and Outreach Efforts, and Increase Missourians’ Access to (and Participation in) Programs That Benefit Their Communities
  • Annually assess communication and engagement efforts with legislators and policymakers, adjusting frequency and depth of efforts as appropriate for university needs in each legislative session.
  • Increase public awareness of and access to MU research, knowledge and innovation.
  • Double the number of Missourians who MU faculty engage with through programming from 1 million in 2017 to 2 million in 2025.