University of Missouri

Planning, Operations & Stewardship

At the University of Missouri, we want to continue to be good stewards in every sense of the phrase. We value the investment that taxpayers make in us, and the dollars our students invest in themselves through tuition. To show how much we value it, we commit to being transparent about how we use time, money and personnel.

Through a University of Missouri System-led effort, Mizzou completed an Administrative Review in December of 2017. The goal of this review was to identify administrative efficiencies and opportunities to streamline operations by reducing redundancies across administrative functions. The following goals for excellence in planning, operations and stewardship were established:

  1. Strive to ensure a safe learning, living and work environment.
  2. Ensure that strategy drives budget.
  3. Expand and refine current uses of data in decision-making processes.
  4. Produce net new revenues that help us continue to keep MU affordable.
  5. Improve quality of services, effectiveness and efficiency within human resources and finance.
  6. Reduce deficient facility square footage in order to reallocate savings to buildings that improve and support student success, outreach and research.
  7. Reduce administrative costs and improve quality of services within information technology.